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Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 63664146
Closing Date 25 - Aug - 2024  |  265 Days to go View Tender Details
Annual maintenance contract for different districts.
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 59271635
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2024  |  118 Days to go View Tender Details
Outline Trade Procurement Plan (otpp) for the Fy 2023-24: Bins Steel Portable, 8 Ton Hydraulic Jack with Handle and Spa, Pump Tyre Foot Car Type, Funnel Oil 152mm Oval, Funnel Fuel Carriage Pattern, Lubricator Cup Grease 1/4 in, Lubricator Cup Grease 1/4 in Gas, Strap Securing 32mmx2286mm, Strap 1"x16", Strap 1"x24", Paint Rfu Preservative for Rubber Tyres in 1/2, Gallon Containers, Packing, Preformed, Nipple Drum Type No.12/1, Steel Ball, Spout Can Oil, Anchor Hold Frt Bar Ring, Hydraulic Jack Lifting 5 Ton Trolley, Plate Distinguishing Red Back Ground One, Brush Cleaning, Nipple Grease Button Head 1/4bsp, Nipplegrease Button Head 1/8" Bsp X 9mm, Nipple Grease C0nical Head Angled 1/8 Bs, Nipple Grease Button Head 1/4"bsf, Nipple Grease Conical Head Angled 1/8bsp, Nipple Grease Button Head 3/8"bsf, Nipple Grease Conical Head Angled 1/8 Br, Buckle 1.1/2", Buckle 16mm, Buckle 12.7mm, Nipple Grease Conical Head Angled 8mmx90, Jointing Compound Ferotex 71b Tin Flesh-, Clip Hose Clip Strip, Hose Assy Rubber, Gauge Air Pressure Recuperator, Nipple Grease Special 1/4bsf Zerk Straig, Union Body 1/4" Gas, Brush Engine Cleaning, Anchors Bars, Anchor Spikes, Divider 8 in Bin Steel Portable, Clamp Hose Size 70 for Hose 50mm to 70mm, Anchor Shackles Complete, Clip Hose Warm Drive Type 5/8" to 7/8", O' Ring (12525), O' Ring (283), O Ring(1155), Urigun 34500kps(5000 Les/sq")hp Lubricat, Block Wood 432mmx305mmx76mm, Trolley Type Hydraulic Jack 500 Kg for M, Jack Hyd Lifting 5 Ton Trolley Type Clos, Jack Hyd 4 Ton with 1 Mtr Hdl 195mm Closed Ht X, 445mm Open Ht X 250 Mm Lift, Gasket Air Cleaner, Hyd Jack Spl Purpose 30ton Capacity, Tanks Radiator, Nipple 1/8" Solderless Cable, Release Key Seal, Release Key Seal, Box for Hand Tool, Cu Washer (v-3023/14), Washer Copper Asbestos 22mm, Tool Box, Lubricating Nipple Conical Head Straigh#, Knuckle and Arm Strg Left(805783), Fitting, Lubrication, Screa Metric Hex Hd Coarse Pitch Black S, Jack Hyd Lifting 20000 Kg 275mm Closed H, Gun Grease Hand Pom Pom Type B, Gun Grease Hand 400cc Complete with Hose, Gun Grease Push Type, Jack Hydraulic Lifting 20000 Kg 275.00mm Closed, Height X 540.00mm Open Height X 265.00mm Lift, Funnel Oil 6" Oval with Coarse Mesh Gau, Cap, Pneumaticval Vemetal-screw Tr-no-vc, Valvecoreschr Aderno-6000, Chain Assy Tyre Parsons Single Type for, Mounting Kit for Non Skid Chains of Scan, Holder Pintles Hole Probe, Chain Assy Tyre Parsons Single Type for, T-hook L-12mm, T-hook R-12mm, Spare Link 10mm, Wheel Chain, Bag, Wheel Chain Repair Kit, Oil Filter (fuel Flow with Filter Elemen, Secondary Fuel Filter 1 Liter(star Type), Element Diesel Fuel, Adaptor Straight Pipe Fuel Injection Fil, Kit Nozzle Testing Out Fit, Nozzle Testing Out Fit, Washer Delivery Valve, High Pressure Pipe (m14x1.5mmunion N 32, Steel Rack Adjustable, Gasket for Feed Pump (p1300317)(for Lots, Lug Cap, Pliers Circlips External Bent Over 76 Mm, Lever Tyre Car Or Truck, Extractor Pully Rivet Motor Cycle Chain, Lever Tyre Car Or Truck, Cleaner Piston Ring Grooves, Wrench Socket (detachable) 3/4" Sd 12 Po, Pliers Circlips Internal Straight Over 7, Computerised Wheel Alinger, Computerised Engine Analyser, Tommy Bar 1"diax42" Long, Valve Lifter Spring Universal Mnfr Sykes, No.380 Or Similar, Valve Lifter Spring Car Size Millenium O, Indicator Set 0-200lbs Per Sqr Inch Test, Extractors Valve Guide, Extractor Whl 2 Arm Large Single, Tyre Lever 10 Inch Long Spoon End, Gauge Cylinder Compresssion, Screne Latrine Complete, Lamp Roof Complete, Black Out Head Lamp Without Bulb, Lamp Filament, Bulb Holder, Assy Reflex Reflector Red, Lamp Filament 26v 50/50w P22d 21 Rpf Cle, Lamp Filament 6volt 6watt Ba15dsbc Gshap, Lens Tail Light Glass, Blackout Spot Light Rh and Lh, Filling Lubricating Brake Pedal (firm P, Coil Compole with Billet, Terminal Main Positive, Switch Ignition 6 Way, Wire Dia 1x0.75, Vrla Bty 12v 100ah @ C5, Bty Valve Regulated Lead Acid 12v 3ah, Bty Sec Lead Acid 12v,55ah at 20 Hrs Rat, Bty 6v 120ah, Storage Baty 6 Staen 140m Complete with, Battery 6v 150ah, Tray for Battery Secondary Lead Acid 12v, Battery Secondary Lead Acid 12v 100 Ah a, Fuse 20 Amps 25volts, Gasket Ring, Brake Durm, 12 Pin Plug, Battery Secondary Lead Acid 12v135ah@c20, Ball Stud Antifrication 6mm, Brg Ball Jnl Self Aligning Double Row 35, Bearing, Brg Roller Journal Single Row, 50mmx90mmx20mm, Bearing (09262m28005), Bearing(09262m230172), Bearing Ball, Bearing Ball Journal Self Aligning Doubl, Bearing Radial 6001, Tapper Roller Brg 41.275x73.431x18.812, Brg Ball Jnl Single Row with One Seal 35, Brg Ball Jnl Single Row with Two Seal, (35x62x14), Brg Ball Journal Single Row (45x75x16), Brg Ball Jnl Single Row (55x90x18), Brg Ball Jnl Single Row 30x62x16, Brg Ball Jnl Single Row with Two Shields, (40x80x18), Brg Ball Jnl Single Row with Snaqp Ring, Brg Ball Jnl Single Row with Two Seals, Brg Taper Roller 25mmx62mmx18.35mm, Ball, Bearing (09262m28020), Kit Cone & Roller Output Shaft Brg (drg, Bal Brg Jnl Single Row 6.35mm X19
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 66696763
Closing Date 07 - Feb - 2024  |  65 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Lifting Cylinder Seal Gemac Part No. Hz01.063(Hd01.063)+Hzd02.063.036 Make Gemac [Warranty Period: 9 Months After The Date Of Delivery ]
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 66872158
Closing Date 01 - Feb - 2024  |  59 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Il-ser Aircraft Spares Magnetic Tape, Headset with Medi Um Noise Protection, Blade, Rotor, stage 1, Com Pressor, Low Pressure, Limit Switch Stop of Cargo Door Middle Door (lh & Rh), Manhole, Pcb, y-5, Ignitor Plug (apu), Channel, Window Side Elect Heated, Pressure Bulkhead Microswitch Link Arm(rh), Barrel, Rod, Pipe, Lh, V Trailing Edge Outer Wing (lh), Pipe Exhaust, Shutter, Spare for Items Kz-63 Ver1, Gear Assembly, Handle Flap Control Emergency, Tube-air Outlet, Csd Turbine, Table- Ads Operator's, Left Pilot Additional Speaker, Brake Panal, Rod - Control, Section No. 4 Outer Wing Slat (lh), Temp Sensor, Relay, Oxygen Regulator, Fuel Filter Element, Oil Filter Section, Cyl Attachment Bracket, Camera Door Cylinder, Rf Head, Scan Unit, Frequency Meter, Unit, Over Voltage Relay, Sweep Beginning Shift Unit, Chassis for Up2-2,
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 66154590
Closing Date 31 - Jan - 2024  |  58 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Drain Cock Assembly, For Auxiliary Reservoir 200 Liters Drawing No. : - Rdso /Sk-96081 Alt. (5) Item- 13 Specification: - 02-Abr-2002 With Amendment-4 (Appendix-C) [ Warranty Period: 36 Months Afterthe Date Of Delivery ]
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 66985677
Closing Date 30 - Jan - 2024  |  57 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Spares for Mig-29 (upg) Aircraft Conformal Fuel Tank
Sector Road Transport Services Tenders Tender Value Rs. 3.40 Billion / 340 Crore
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 65260068
Closing Date 29 - Jan - 2024  |  56 Days to go View Tender Details
Rehabilitation and Upgradation to 2 4 lane with paved shoulders from Km 79.300 to Km 87.360 and Km 88.437 to Km 93.819 of NH 167K Bridge Approaches of Iconic Bridge across river Krishna.
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 66613394
Closing Date 19 - Jan - 2024  |  46 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Spares of 23mm Aa Twin Gun Mount Model Zu-23 Rus-twin-1-4 Gas Regulator, Imb-rus-twin-0526 Firing Pin, Imb-rus-twin-0528 Tumbler Pin, Imb-rus-twin-0529 Receiver Cover Assembly, Imb-rus-twin-0530 Receiver Cover , Imb-rus-twin-0532 Cover Block , Imb-rus-twin-0533 Sliding Block, Imb-rus-twin-0534 Pressure Lug , Rus-twin-1-5 Gas Regulator Pin , Rus-twin-2-2 Auto Safety Lever, Rus-twin-00-61 Lock Spring, Rus-twin-00-62 Lock, Rus-twin-assy-2-3 Inter Lock Gear Right Hand Feed, Rus-twin-2-9 Trigger Plate, Rus-twin-00-72 Shock Absorber, Rus-twin-2-10 Plate Roller, Rus-twin-00-82 Level Compule 60.44, Rus-twin-2-16 Transmission Lever, Rus-twin-assy-2-4 Feed Lever Right Hand, Rus-twin-assy-2-4-a Feed Lever Left Hand , Rus-twin-2-21 Feed Pawls Right, Rus-twin-2-21a Feed Pawls Left, Rus-twin-2-22 Feed Pawls Spring, Rus-twin-2-23 Feed Pawls Pin, Rus-twin-assy-2-5 Front Shutter Assembly, Rus-twin-assy-2-6m Rear Shutter Assembly, Rus-twin-assy-2-7 Barrel Lock with Hand Crank Assembly, Rus-twin-2-37 Rod Pin, Rus-twin-2-38 Guiding Block , Rus-twin-2-39 Bareel Lock, Rus-twin-6 Latch (securing Pin), Rus-twin-8 Pin, Rus-twin-9 Ring, Rus-twin-2-42 Auto Safety Base Pin , Rus-twin-01-4 Adjusting Screw, Rus-twin-01-44 Washer, Rus-twin-2-43-m Rebound Piece, Rus-twin-2-44 Rebound Piece Pin, Rus-twin-01-48 Bracket Screw, Rus-twin-01-50 Screw, Rus-twin-2-47 Feed Guide Right, Rus-twin-2-48 Feed Runner Right, Rus-twin-2-49 Feed Lever Pin, Rus-twin-01-68 Right Hand Base, Rus-twin-2-50 Rear Cartridge Stop , Rus-twin-2-53 Damper Plate, Rus-twin-2-96 Ring, Rus-twin-3-1m Slide, Rus-twin-3-3 Piston Cotter Pin, Rus-twin-3-4 Feed Piece, Rus-twin-3-5 Feed Piece Lever, Rus-twin-3-6 Feed Piece Pin , Rus-twin-3-7 Feed Piece Lever Pin, Rus-twin-4-1 Breech Block, Rus-twin-4-5 Striker, Rus-twin-4-3 Tumbler, Rus-twin-4-2 Firing Pin, Rus-twin-4-6 Firing Spring, Rus-twin-4-8 Breech Lock, Rus-twin-5-3 Recoil Spring, Rus-twin-5-4 Recoil Spring Rod , Rus-twin-5-5 Latch, Rus-twin-02-156 Shoe, Rus-twin-assy-6 Back Plate Assembly , Rus-twin-6-3 Disc Spring, Rus-twin-6-7 Back Plate, Rus-twin-assy-7b Trigger Mechanism Assembly, Rus-twin-assy-7-2yu4 Lever Assembly, Rus-twin-7-3 Trigger Runner Spring, Rus-twin-7-2 Trigger Runner, Rus-twin-02-177 Safety Lock Pin, Rus-twin-7-4 Runner Spring Rod, Rus-twin-02-179 Pin, Rus-twin-7-5 Sear, Rus-twin-7-6 Interrupter, Rus-twin-7-7 Shutter , Rus-twin-7-9 Bushing , Rus-twin-7-11 Latch Spring , Rus-twin-7-15 Runner Lever Spring, Rus-twin-7-18 Runner Latch, Rus-twin-7-21 Rod Spring, Rus-twin-7-22 Buffer Spring, Rus-twin-8-1 Feed Block Cover for Right Hand, Rus-twin-8-3 Cartridge Latch Spring , Rus-twin-8-4 Cartridge Front Latch , Rus-twin-8-7 Cartridge Rear Latch Lock Pin , Rus-twin-8-8 Locking Pawls Right, Rus-twin-8-8a Locking Pawls Left, Rus-twin-8-9 Locking Pawls Spring , Rus-twin-8-10 Locking Pawls Spindle, Rus-twin-8-12 Inner Spring of Cartridge Pressure Piece, Rus-twin-8-13 Cartridge Pressure Piece, Rus-twin-8-15 Runner Spring , Rus-twin-8-16 Runner, Rus-twin-8-17 Pressure Lug, Rus-twin-08-18 Lock Nut, Rus-twin-8-19 Cover Latch , Rus-twin-8-20 Latch Lock Pin, Rus-twin-03-51 Screw , Rus-twin-03-52 Latch, Rus-twin-10-3 Recoil Buffer Spring, Rus-twin-8-22 Grip Base, Rus-twin-assy-01-8 Retracting Base Right Hand, Rus-twin-assy-01-16 Retracting Cable, Rus-twin-assy-01-23 Cover Assembly, Rus-twin-assy-01-29 Jacket Assembly Left Hand, Rus-twin-04-127 Pin, Rus-twin-assy-01-30 Jacket Assembly Right Hand, Rus-twin-assy-01-38 Tray Assembly, Rus-twin-01-46 Retaining Washer, Rus-twin-01-69 Bushing, Rus-twin-04-136-0 Locking Plunger, Rus-twin-01-72 Ring, Rus-twin-01-80 Clamp, Rus-twin-01-81 Retracting Drum Right Hand, Rus-twin-04-143 Stem, Rus-twin-04-144 Rod, Rus-twin-04-145 Shackle, Rus-twin-01-82 Retracting Drum Left Hand, Rus-twin-01-86 Trigger Lever Right Hand, Rus-twin-01-87 Trigger Lever Left Hand, Rus-twin-01-88 Trigger Spring Right Hand, Rus-twin-01-89 Trigger Spring Left Hand, Rus-twin-01-92 Trigger Shaft, Rus-twin-01-93a Adjusting Clutch, Rus-twin-01-30 Mushroom, Rus-twin-04-196 Stem Spring, Rus-twin-04-200 Pin, Rus-twin-01-100 Bushing, Rus-twin-01-106 Tab Lock Washer, Rus-twin-01-107 Tab Lock Washer, Rus-twin-04-249 Pin, Rus-twin-04-51 Handle, Rus-twin-04-53a Inner Sleeve, Rus-twin-01-175 Latch Pin, Rus-twin-01-178 Adjusting Washer, Rus-twin-01-179-0 Adjusting Washer, Rus-twin-01-181 Lip, Rus-twin-01-219 Screw, Rus-twin-04-79 Sleeve, Rus-twin-01-129 Tray, Rus-twin-assy-01-3 Bracket Right Hand, Rus-twin-01-39 Trunnion, Rus-twin-05-16 Cap, Rus-twin-01-47-a Washer Spring, Rus-twin-01-49 Screw, Rus-twin-05-20a Thrust Ring, Rus-twin-01-171 Limiter, Rus-twin-01-172 Screw, Rus-twin-01-193 Screw, Rus-twin-05-32 Screw, Rus-twin-01-207 Bracket Left Hand, Rus-twin-assy-01-36 Locking Plunger Latch, Rus-twin-01-57 Protactive Ring, Rus-twin-06-26a Bearing Washer, Rus-twin-01-61a Retracting Spring, Rus-twin-01-64 Body Cover, Rus-twin-01-158 Lock Screw Cap, Rus-twin-01-70 Trunnion Cap, Rus-twin-01-71 Spring, Rus-twin-assy-02-25 Ec
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 66529119
Closing Date 19 - Jan - 2024  |  46 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Seal Set For Ascending Cylinder Plasser Part No. Hz01.100 Make Plasseror Trelleborg Or Parker Or Freudenberg (Simirit/Cfw) Or Hallite [ Warranty Period: 18Months After The Date Of Delivery ]
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 66981244
Closing Date 15 - Jan - 2024  |  42 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Non Linear Junction Detector (q3)
Qty : 22

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